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For gas, heavy mortars, and smokescreens, see their articles.

Artillery is a squad call-in, called by the squad's NCO using Q-right click. Depending on the squad, it can take different forms. The rifle squad has different artillery, from the Assault, Defence, and Marine squads.

Scout squads do not have artillery. Rather, they have a scout plane, which, past a level 60 squad level, can drop a single airplane bomb with reasonable accuracy.

Rifle squads, or line squads, have the ability to call in three levels of artillery: mortar shots, sector artillery, and creeping barrage. As they have the strongest or most suppressive artillery of all the squads at higher levels, many teams may attempt to coordinate infantry advances with artillery call-ins.

Mortar shot[]

These consist of three mortar shells fired on some position with a cooldown of 45 seconds.[1] It is relatively inaccurate, and cannot be entirely counted upon to clear some dugout. It lands on the enemy position around 20 seconds after it is fired.

They are meant primarily to land indirect fire on enemy strongpoints, machine guns, and sniper nests.

Sector artillery[]

French 75mm cannons, which, in Verdun, fire French sector artillery shells and creeping barrages. Similar artillery pieces exist for each faction

This consists of between four and eight artillery shells fired from a nationality specific cannon landing on some position. With a cooldown of 60 seconds,[1] it is quite inaccurate, and kills by volume rather than accuracy. Generally, nothing more than a general concept of the area at which the shells must be fired is necessary for targeting. Both it and creeping barrage scale with map size.

Creeping barrage[]

This consists of between 8 and 12 shells, fired at some position to inundate it with explosives. Squads are only able to call in creeping barrage at squad level 100, with a cooldown of 100 seconds.[1] It is not an accurate weapon and makes up for that inaccuracy by firing more shells than sector artillery.


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