The hills overlooking the desolate plains in the mining region of Artois saw furious battles.
– Official Verdun Map Guide[1]

Artois is a map in Verdun, based off the Artois area of France, in which battles such as those of Artois and Loos were fought.

The relatively hilly area, with numerous and many craters, makes this map very good with cover. The general funnelling effect of the trenches and their width also, however, creates prime targets for artillery strikes.

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The trenches are named as follows, from left to right. The starting German line is the Redoubt frontlines, while the starting Entente line is the Assault Trenches.

  1. Hollow Road
  2. Reserve Line
  3. Redoubt Reserve
  4. Redoubt Frontlines
  5. Assault Trenches
  6. Second Line
  7. Old Trench
  8. Rear Zone

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