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For the carbine, see Mousqueton.
After the success of the Berthier carbines, full-length Berthier rifles were introduced. Lighter and easier to handle and load than the Mle 1886/M93 Lebel rifle, the Berthier rifles proved more suitable for offhand shooting and easier to maintain in tropical environments.
– Official Verdun Weapons Guide[1]

The Berthier is a French bolt-action rifle fed from a three round en-bloc clip. The game uses the name "Mousqueton" to refer to the carbine and "Berthier" to refer to the rifle in describing the weapons.


In the game, the Berthier is much more the rifle than its carbine counterpart, the Mousqueton. Comparatively, it has a slower cycle speed and longer shouldering time, but also is a more stable firing platform with less sway.

It takes approximately 1.6 second to cycle the bolt, and around 4.6 seconds to reload the weapon, compared to its carbine cousin's faster almost one second cycle time and 4.1 second reload.[2]

The rifle is comparatively more suited to longer-range engagements than close-quarters combat, more ably done by its cousin, other rifles, and handguns.


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