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Caporal Icon
Caporal Icon

Task "Lead the way"
Squad Poilus

Type Officer
Ruby lvl 0
Lebel M93 lvl 55
F1 Grenade lvl 0
Ability (Squad)
Command lvl 0
Ability (Move)
Officer Training I lvl 0
Officer Training II lvl 40
Ability (Power)
Mortar shot lvl 0
Sector Artillery lvl 50
Creeping Barrage lvl 100

The Corporal is the French 'Squad Leader' class in Verdun. He uses a Ruby pistol and, when his squad mates are fighting along side him, his ability to give orders and buff team-mates who are close to him can turn the tide of the battle. He also carrys one grenade and can call in mortar strikes, the most deadly explosive attack in the game.


The Corporal has the following abilities:

  • He can issue orders to his squad
  • He automatically buffs his squadmates within his command aura
  • He can throw 1 grenade
  • He can call down a mortar strike


While many players find the Corporal to be a weak class due to his weapon being only a pistol, he is a class that can turn the tides very quickly. If you have a squad who are working with you, get them to tell you where key areas where enemies are bunching are so you can call a mortar on their position.

Use your commands to direct your team-mates to objectives. If you use chat you can even use the orders to show a key strategic point and tell them how to attack or defend it, boosting your squads effectiveness greatly.

If you and your squad need to defend a location, get in close to your squad to buff them and keep in cover while taking pot shots with the pistol and mortar groups of enemies who are at a distance.

When attacking an enemy trench, remember your pistol is semi automatic so you have an advantage over bolt action enemies. Also remember you have a grenade, which you can throw into a trench, handy if your grenadier is taking potshots. Keep your distance from Bayonets however, as these will still cut you down with ease.