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Gas is a call-in used by assault squads. It comes in four levels: tear gas, chlorine, phosgene, and mustard gas. All of them can be effectively countered by donning a gas mask – simply press the 4 key. The difference between the four gases is that they have different amounts of time before causing a 'kill'.

Types of gas[]

Xyly Bromide Gas.png

Tear gas, generally styled in-game as Xylyl bromide or Whitecross in the kill feed, is the standard gas available at squad level one. It is rarely fatal – players can simply run through it without a mask on without suffering any major effects – and can best be described as a long-lasting smokescreen that can effect a player's vision.

Chlorine gas ('Greencross') is unlocked at level five. It is significantly more deadly, though it is still quite safe with a reasonably quick masking. This is similar with Phosgene gas ('Bluecross'), unlocked around level 40.

Mustard Gas.png

Mustard gas or Yellowcross, gained at squad level 100, can kill almost instantaneously, though it can be avoided by victims by immediately donning a gas mask upon hearing the characteristic sound of hissing gas and being prompted to do so. Depending on the distance from the location at which the gas was targeted, this may not even be fast enough.

Gas strategy[]

At lower levels, it is rare to get a gas kill, since they take so long to kill that only the most distracted or unknowledgeable players would be unable to don a mask in time. This can be advantageous in that defending enemies are forced to don masks, allowing rapid infiltration of the enemy line, though it is very rare to see this level of coordination between an infantry advance and a gas strike.

However, due to the relatively low lethality of all gases but mustard gas in the game, it is more effective as a long-lasting smoke screen or deterrent to snipers, as it obscures visibility.

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