The Gewehr 88 was recommissioned by the German army in 1905 (and 1914) with a new model that used stripper clips instead of a 5 round enbloc. It has a near identical barrel to the Lebel 1886, but looks notably different due to the addition of a barrel sleeve.

– Official Verdun Weapon Guide

In-game Edit

Attachments Edit

The Gewehr 88/05 has four possible attachements

  • Stripper Clip
  • Seitengewehr Bayonet
  • Goerz 3x Custom Scope

Each attachment costs one career point to unlock in Rifle Deathmatch and Attrition gamemodes.

Squads Edit

The Gew. 88/05 is used by the Schützen squad.[1]


  • Grabenkommandant Waffenmeister - Level III
  • Schütze Heckenschütze - Standard
  • MG-Schütze Landschütze - Standard
  • Bote Verbinder - Standard

Notes Edit

The Gew. 88/05 is based on the Gewehr 1888.

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