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Horros of War is a free DLC included in the base game.

Gore Overhaul[]

Prior to the release of the Horrors of War expansion, violence wasn't as prevalent: mists of blood would form when hit by a bullet, and soldiers would just go ragdoll upon death. With the expansion, a "gore" setting has been added, depending on what you set it to, you may experience the following during gameplay:

  • A "disabled state" which activates when a player is killed; the player's character model will go into a fedal position and cry, or they may clutch their throat and gasp for air - animations vary.
  • Dismemberment is also a newly-added feature: limbs can be blown apart and the head has several damage variations; jawless, faceless, or headless.
  • Blood spilling is much more realistic, too.
  • Bodies can also be burned dynamically.