Developed alongside the Gewehr 88, the Kar 88 was designed for use with cavalry units. With a shorter barrel, lighter weight and reshaped bolt handle, it fulfilled its role well - it did however retain the barrel sleeve. With several carbine variants being produced, it often saw its way to the front lines of the Great War.– Official Verdun Weapon Guide

In-game Edit

Attachments Edit

The Karabiner 1888 has two attachments available in Rifle Deathmatch and Attrition gamemodes, each attachment costs one career point.

  • Seitengewehr Bayonet
  • Goerz 3X Custom Scope

Squads Edit

The Karabiner 1888 is available in the Schützen squad.[1]


  • Grabenkommandant Reserveoffizier - level II
  • Schutze Schutzenkönig - level II
  • Bote Laufbursche - level III

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