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The Fusil Mle 1886 M93 "Lebel" is an 8mm bolt action infantry rifle which entered service in the French Army in April of 1887. It is a repeating rifle that can hold eight rounds in its forestock tube magazine plus one round in the transporter.
– Official Verdun Weapons Guide[2]

The Lebel, or 1886 Lebel, was a revolutionary bolt-action rifle developed by the French shortly after the Franco-Prussian war. It was the first widely issued smokeless powder rifle, which revolutionised small arms tactics – no longer would your fire at obscure targets of the enemy and with hotter and more powerful propellants, the range of small arms fire greatly increased.[3]

The depiction of the weapon in Verdun is realistic, in that it shows many of the problems of the Lebel's early and compromising design. With a tube magazine, it can only be loaded one round at a time, though it has a capacity of eight rounds. Its bolt action is also relatively slow compared to many of the carbines and short rifles that would come later.


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