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For the British SMLE rifle, see SMLE; for the British P14 rifle, see P14.

The P17 was a successful rifle, boasting decent accuracy and a reasonable rate of fire, though many U.S soldiers would still swear by their 1903 Springfields.

– Official Verdun Weapon Guide

The M1917, or M1917 Enfield, is an Anglo-American rifle, which in the game, holds 6 rounds fed by a stripper clip and one loose load. Designed by the British, it was adopted by the United States to arm its many troops in the First World War due to production necessities.


In history, it was designed out of a project in Britain before the war searching for a replacement for the SMLE, which had performed not entirely well during the Second Boer War. This project was shelved with the declaration of war in August 1914. However, the great number of rifles were produced in this type for the United Kingdom before the American declaration of war in 1917. Many factories, already set up to produce these rifles for Britain, were simply retooled to produce this rifle, rebarreled in American .30-06 Springfield ammunition.


In game, the Enfield is a fast weapon, with a quick bolt speed, rapid reload, and larger-than-average magazine. However, its obstructive aperture sight, accompanied with its heavy sway, making the sights difficult to use, make the rifle unpopular amongst many players.


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