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The environments in Verdun are based on real world battlefields or trench maps. We took great inspiration from visiting the actual battle sites to observe their characteristics. These can be found back in the maps.


This map is currently only available in the free for all "Rifle Deathmatch" and attrition mode. 

A dense trench network set around a huge mine crater. Over the years multiple attacks and counter attacks left their marks creating an elaborate maze of trenches, craters and machine gun nests. This map is inspired by the les esparges, vauquois hill and haute chevauchee mine craters we visited around the verdun area. 


This medium-sized map has four trenches that can be captured. There is a large no-mans land in the middle.

An environment created from actual trench maps. The map is loosely based on the four-de-paris area in the Argonne forest north-west of Verdun. This map features a French and German trench system with a no-mans land in between resembling a classic WWI trench warfare scenario.


This is a smaller map. It has two trenches that the French and Germans are trying to capture. Behind the German line are hills. Behind the French line is a forest. 

Set in the rocky and wooded Vosges mountains where heavy fighting occurred this map features challenging heights and natural obstacles. 


This is a very large map, with lots of hills. There are six trenches that can be captured. There is a large wide open area in the middle. On the French side there is a ditch that is hard to attack because it is at the bottom of a hill. Behind that are a series of trenches. On the German side there are significant trenches. If the Germans lose their furthest back trench, they have to fight uphill in a forest to try to take it back. 


This is a very large map with long trenches and large wide open fields. The sky is dark and the ground is muddy. This is the most recent map to be added to the game.

Future Maps[]

Later maps will include iconic locations such as fort Douaumont and Vaux (canceled), where fighting indoors will be part of the gameplay.

Side Note: St. Mihiel was also added. As described in game: "Wooded terrain south of Verdun with intense fighting in 1915 and 1918."


Based on the first day of the battle of Verdun. Recreated from trench maps this map combines open field warfare with dense, close-combat forest engagements and trench warfare.

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