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Penal Battalion Edit

About us! Edit

Young-German-soldier 1918

The Penal Battalion is a gaming clan, which accepts players from all nationalities. They promote teamwork to make gameplay much more enjoyable.

"We are the Penal Battalion! We run without tiring! We fight to the death! We fight to the end for the glory of our countries." 

How to join! Edit

You have to pass a rigorous test ! With even more people joining more Difficult to enter! try to find someone of the clan in the game!


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"We Remember" Edit

"We remember" is the slogan of the Penal Batallion. The Penal Battalion is dedicated to a Brazilian soldier who fought alongside the Italians as volunteer. He was awarded with several prestigous awards. He was killed by a mortar at the end of the war.

How we play! Edit

We use Raidcall: We have a Raidcall group so members can discuss the war and formulate strategies.

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