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In Verdun, there are two types of planes, although they are both represented by the same model: a reconnaissance plane and a patrol plane. As the game is about infantry battles during the First World War, these planes are not directly controlled by players. Nor can they be shot down by rifle (or any) fire.

Reconnaissance plane[]

Every 60 seconds, the NCO of a scout squad can call a reconnaissance plane onto target, which will show all members of the scout squad the locations of all the enemy soldiers within the area to which the plane was called (e.g. if the plane was called to a no mans' land, it will show enemy troops in that no mans' land, and if called to a trench, it will show troops in that trench). This vision lasts for approximately 15 seconds.

It is recommended to report the general disposition of enemy forces, for example "3 left, 5 mid, 7 right" in the team chat, accessible by pressing the U key.

Patrol plane[]

The patrol plane, compared to the reconnaissance plane, has a longer cooldown, but stays in the air for much longer. It also drops an airplane bomb directly on the target at which it was called, allowing scout squads some ability to call indirect fire on enemy positions.

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