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In 1916 the French army recognised the need to start replacing its outdated Lebel 1886 rifle. They chose to go with a semi-automatic design, having tried and tested semi-automatic rifles before the war broke out. The RSC17 has a 5 round enbloc magazine, and is gas operated.

– Official Verdun Weapon Guide

The RSC M1917, or Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917 (sometimes called the semiauto or simply RSC), is a five-round capacity semiautomatic rifle. It is reloaded from an en-bloc clip like that of the Mousqueton.

The weapon is primarily used in the hands of the Poilu gunner, who unlocks this semiautomatic rifle as the last unlock in their upgrade tree. Generally, it is used to provide dense and accurate fire at high speed.

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