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The original M1879 design was heavy and cumbersome. In the early 1880’s Germany decided to make the revolver a little easier to handle. In reducing its weight - the M1883 came to be. A single action revolver, which was still ‘old tech’ for its time but did the Job until the C96 Mauser and P08 Luger came along.
– Official Verdun Weapon Guide[2]

The Reichsrevolver is a German revolver chambering six rounds. It is single-action, meaning that before each shot, the hammer needs to be manually cocked. In reloading, each round must be manually ejected with a stick before being reloaded with a new round inserted one by one through a loading gate.[3]

In game, this makes it an extremely slow-reloading weapon. While the period between each chamber is comparable to that of the Mousqueton, it is extremely slow to reload. Although, the Reichsrevolver makes up for this by having one-hit kill capacity at any range, effectively being a miniature rifle, its sights and sway make it unsuited for long range engagements.


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