A rifle squad (also at times termed a line or normal squad) is the standard kind of squad in Verdun. It is composed of four different members: an NCO, a rifleman, a machine gunner, and a grenadier.

The rifle squad also has an normal artillery call-in, called by the NCO, consisting of (at different squad levels) a mortar shot, sector artillery, and a creeping barrage.

All members of the squad spawn on the NCO, wherever the NCO may be, meaning that it is extremely important for the NCO to be in an advantageous location and not dead. If the NCO is dead or not in a spawning location, the other members of the squad will spawn with the rest of the team – in the nearest friendly trench if attacking and in the no mans' land behind the nearest trench if defending. This differs from the other squads, which have different spawning mechanics, like the scout squad, which always spawns on the farthest player forward.

Types Edit

Most of the major factions have a rifle squad, including the following in alphabetical order by squad name:

Rifle squads DoughboysLandserPoilusTommies
Scout squads AlpenjägerChasseurs AlpinsHighlanders
Assault squads CanadiansStoßtruppen
Sentry squads BelgiansSchützen
Engineer squads MarinesPioniere