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This article is about the standard rifle found in-game. For the sawn-off version, see Lee Enfield Mark III* Sawn-Off

The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) Mark III was introduced on 26 January 1907, capable of firing 20-30 aimed shots per minute effectively up to 500m. The simplified war-time Mark III* was introduced in 1915.
– Official Verdun Weapon Guide[1]

The SMLE or, as represented in the game as the Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk III*, is a the standard bolt-action rifle for the Tommies, Highlanders, Canadian, and ANZAC squads in Verdun. Able to hold ten rounds, it is reload with two 5-round stripper clips.

The bolt cycles out in approximately 1.1 seconds, while reloading from empty takes approximately twenty seconds with two roughly ten second charger clips.[2]

The SMLE is not an inherently accurate rifle. It has a relatively wide sway, consistent with other carbine or short rifles in the game. However, its high rate of fire compared to many of the other bolt action rifles and large magazine compensates for this with the simple volume of fire.

Like all rifles, accuracy issues can be reduced by crouching, going prone, or use of the hold breath command to stabilise the sights.


The rifle has two attachments:

  • M1907 SMLE Bayonet
  • Aldis M1916 Scope

Like all attachments, these cost one career point each to unlock in Rifle Deathmatch mode and can be switched for a different load-out at respawn.


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